Weight Loss Motivation

Your biggest hurdle when you want to lose weight is how to do so and where do you start? If you want to lose ten pounds or ninety, below is a weight loss plan for you to follow!
  1. Open up the notes app on your phone and type out why you want to lose weight? Is it because you receive taunts from office colleagues and others? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you want a figure like your favorite celebrity? Do you need to lose weight for health reasons? Whatever your reasons, type it all in there!
  2. Next, decide how much weight you want to lose and over what timeframe you will lose it. Make realistic goals such as 1-2 pounds a week for six months. An unrealistic goal such as 60 pounds in 30 days will only leave you disappointed. Start slowly; you'll see how easy it is to shed those obstinate pounds! Remember, losing 2 pounds per week means you will have lost about 50 pounds when the 6 months is over! Now that's an accomplishment you'll be proud to boast about to your friends! So be patient with yourself and try to incorporate these changes slowly into your life! Setting small, achievable goals for yourself allows you to feel more confident to continue with your plan as you reach each goal. This may be the biggest secret of successful weight loss.For best results, buy some handy stickers and write down your daily weight loss goals on the stickers, then stick them in your kitchen and on your refrigerator (the places where you'll be most tempted to eat foods that are bad for weight loss).
Determine how you'll lose the weight, i.e. cut-out snacks or replace the fat-inducing junk food snacks with fruits, veggies, whole grain breads, yogurt, etc., eat less fat-filled foods for your main meals.
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Start an exercise program such as hiking, jogging, dancing, Pilates, etc. Be sure to choose exercises that are something you'll enjoy doing. This will keep you motivated to continue your weight loss program. You may even decide to join a specific diet program, online or locally, plans that limit protein, sugars, carbohydrates, or starches are available plus many more. Be sure to get as informed as possible about these programs so you'll know the pluses and minuses about each plan.
Weight loss won't happen overnight, but it will happen if you approach it slowly and don't expect to lose 5 pounds every day. Soon, if you stick to your plan, your scale will start reporting good news to you.
1. Replace bad habits with the healthy food habits. If you previously ate chocolate- chip cookies when you were angry, the next time you're angry, eat a stalk of celery stalk or a green pepper.
2. Get rid of food temptations. First, don't stock your home with fatty, sugary, unhealthy foods that you'd turn to for food "comfort". When you are tempted to snack, do something else that will turn you away from thinking of food, such as: go for a hike, do some exercises, give a friend a call, drink a bottle of cold water, anything that will distance you from your food thoughts.
3. Make changes to your routines. Walk instead of drive, especially if the distance is within a mile or two. Take stairs instead of elevators. Mow the lawn instead of paying to have it done for you. Wash your car yourself instead of at the automatic car wash. Do anything and everything you can to increase your physical activity (and burn calories).
4. Don't skip breakfast. Breakfast is an important part of your weight loss program. Research has proven there's a direct link between breakfast and losing weight successfully. Breakfast allows your body to feel nourished, so there's less chance you'll overindulge during the day. Of course, you must have a healthy breakfast, including selections of orange juice, fruits, cereal, whole grain toast, etc.
5. Include fiber in your diet. This is an important substance that helps you lose weight. Why? It takes longer to chew, so you'll feel satisfied sooner; it makes you feel full for a longer time, and it interferes with the absorption of fat. Wow, now that's a great food substance! What foods contain fiber? Strawberries, pineapples, vegetables, corn, peas, nuts, cereal, beans, whole wheat breads and many more foods have fiber. Check on the Internet to learn all of the foods you like that contain fiber, buy some and eat heartily!
6. Monitor your progress Weekly. First, don't weigh yourself daily, just a certain day each week since the daily up and down of weight is affected by many things, including water retention. Just one weigh-in a week will tell you if you've made your weekly goal.
You may also choose to closely keep track of the foods you eat each day in a daily "food diary." This may sound like too much work to do, but if your weekly goal is not made, you'll be able to pinpoint where you ate too much fatty food, overstuffed yourself, or just gave in to temptation. Then you can make adjustments in the following week.
7. Stick With Your Plan. Whatever you do, don't get discouraged if you occasionally miss a weekly goal. It happens to everyone trying to lose weight. Just tell yourself that "next week I'll do better", and then do it. Just remember, Whatever you commit to, YOU CAN DO IT!!!