Reinvigorate and revitalize your skincare regimen

The buzzy, terrifying, health and wellness word these days is "inflammation". Spoooky!

But, it makes perfect sense: inflammation is a major deterrent in the formation of healthy skin. Specifically, inflammation is your body's way of combating foreign objects and diseases from entering the body. This is a highly coordinated process involving signaling molecules and specific cell types that “fight” the invasive object.

Unfortunately, this process can also wreak HAVOC on nearby, healthy cells, if not controlled. Naturally occurring antioxidants, found within our brand-new, No Filter Superfood Brightening Serum, are proven to repair, REPLENISH, and prevent the damage done by inflammation. They do so by mitigating the effects of inflammation-released OXIDIZING compounds that cause damage to healthy skin cells.

Furthermore, as we age, our cells become less adept at producing collagen. This vital protein is necessary for the formation and function of superb skin cells.

Since the 1970s, it has been shown that retinoid compounds jumpstart the expression of collagen and other molecules that revitalize the integrity of aging skin.

Get this:

BAKUCHIOL, a recently discovered retinoid-like compound from the babchi herb, has been shown to boost the expression of collagen and like-molecules, and is one of the main ingredients in our facial serum!!

Our formula also uses stem-cell extracts from apples that help to reduce irritation and brighten skin tone by boosting the production of our own skin’s stem-cells leading to quicker turnover of older cells with better, brighter, functioning cells!

To further aid the effects of antioxidants and bakuchiol, 100% plant-derived squalene is added to control oil production and soothe skin for a richer, even look. Lastly, to seal in these added benefits, we have added omega rich oils from baobab seeds and sea buckthorn. These omega-rich oils work to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to lock in moisture and nutrients to give you the even tone that you have been looking for.

So, if you're looking to reinvigorate and revitalize your skincare regimen, look no further than No Filter Superfood Brightening Serum. Our proprietary formula is filled with beneficial ingredients and compounds from all-natural resources that will give your skin the GLOW and tone that you’ve been looking for!

Altogether, our all-natural ingredients work to repair, revitalize, and protect your skin using compounds that contribute to your body’s own natural processes!