How To Age in Reverse

Meet the plant-based powerhouse that helps fade dark spots, keeps skin soft, and smooth and helps you age in reverse! 
Where does squalane come from?

Squalene is naturally found in high concentrations in shark liver — yes, as in actual sharks, the ocean animal. As such, for a long time, shark liver oil was one of the most common squalene sources in cosmetics. Due to obvious ethical concerns, Elxr Co's squalane does NOT use shark-derived squalene in NO FILTER SUPERFOOD BRIGHTENING SERUM. Our squalane is plant based and derived from Brazilian sugar cane.  Here are the benefits:


The most obvious benefit is moisturizing the skin.  It hydrates really well without clogging pores or being too greasy.

Super Protectant

Not only will squalane in NO FILTER SUPERFOOD BRIGHTENING SERUM protect the skin from irritation, but it also helps heal dermatitis and eczema issues. After using squalane, you will notice less and less skin irritations even less chapped skin from dry weather.

Regulates Oil

Squalane is wonder at regulating oil for those who have too much and not enough. If you have really oily skin, this is a much better option than other oils or creams. If you have very dry skin, this will dramatically improve dry patches.

Fades Dark Pigments

Another thing I love about squalane is how it can even out the skin tone, fading dark pigments and age spots. After using this oil for awhile, you will notice the quality of your skin improving.

Source: Chemistry Cachet