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Let's Talk About That Liver of Yours...

The liver's main function is to detoxify the blood when it comes from the colon, lymphatic system and the lungs. After detoxification, it provides oxygen and nutrients to the body. In the environment we live in today, our liver has a hard time keeping up with all the toxins we inhale from our environment and ingest from our foods. As such, the liver may not function properly, if overloaded.

How Toxic Buildup Effects The Skin

When the liver is built up, all the toxins in the body are expelled through the skin. When the liver is no longer functioning properly, all the hormones build up in the liver and may lead to over-production of sebum (skin oil), which causes clogged pores and acne. 

How to Detoxify The Liver

Before detoxifying the liver you could try to add more fiber to your diet. More fiber helps to trap the excess hormones from being pumped into the blood stream which causes less oil to be produced. That equals less acne blemishes and that alone could help you get rid of acne.

There are several ways to perform a liver detox. If you are very dedicated and determined you could cleanse the liver through diet. Liver cleansing foods include, turmeric, lemons, honey, water, ginger root and organic fruits/veggies.

Another way is to ingest a herbal pill like Elxr Co Detox that cleanses the liver. Elxr co Detox is full of herbs that naturally detoxify the liver. You would have to avoid processed foods, sugar, coffee and alcohol. During any kind of liver cleanse, you will want to make sure that you avoid those foods and drinks anyway so that the cleanse will be the most effective and get rid of your acne.